Hi! I'm Steph, a Northern Irish illustrator living in Berlin. 

Telling stories of creativity in the city is my jam. Especially when it's being practiced in hidden or unexpected ways; whether that's a chef baking donuts under the railway arches at 4am, a dancer seeing a dirty puddle as an opportunity to practice their ballet jumps, or circus performers practicing in their apartment.

I'm mostly to be found surrounded in cut up painted papers or having city adventures with my four year old.


BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2008 

MA Illustration, Falmouth (online)  2022

In the transition from Fine Art to Illustration I ran a coffee bookshop, opened an upcycling charity shop, managed a women's centre, worked for a rehabilitation charity, ran art workshops in refugee centres, had a kid and made music videos made with risography (you can see Lowland Hum's The Darkness here and The Maureen's 4AM here). Somewhere along the way I moved from London to Berlin. So happy to have found illustration as a vehicle for storytelling and world-imagining.


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